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This is mainly for my own personal use, as I use tachiyomi on multiple devices configured to auto update through fdroid, and this way I can update all plugins on all of them just by pushing once and initiating a check. If you intend to do so as well, please use:

tachi.efreakbnc.net/fdroid/repo 📋

If you're only interested in a specific language and you're using an older device that likes to choke on a large fdroid database (one of my tablets takes forever to update the local database), there are per-language repos at: /all/ /ar/ /de/ /en/ /es/ /fr/ /id/ /it/ /ja/ /ko/ /pt/ /ru/ /tr/ /vi/ /zh/; these link to the repo, but the archives are also available. These repos are also not synced to github or tachi.efreakbnc.net - they are only on the tachi.cloud.efreakbnc.net mirror.

This repo also contains some other open source (as well as a few closed-source) manga readers and related apps I found, downloaded directly from github (or the main website, in the case of cylonu87's apps)

The non-tachi related apps are now located in another repo at animanga.efreakbnc.net, but the tachiyomi forks and extensions are still here.


If I don't update fast enough for you and you'd like to take over the work, let me know and I'll give you the config.py and the keyfile and such. The script I use to update is update-tachi.sh.

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If all you want to do is view the repository, then click here.